bosch clpk222 181-Brute Tough Hammer Drill and Hex Impact Driver Combo Kit

By | May 1, 2017

 Bosch clpk222 181-Referbished combo set Review

Combo kits are increasingly gaining popularity. People have realized that buying a combo kit with several tools included, is much cheaper than combined cost of individual tools. Although some people would argue that the tools included in a combo kit are not very powerful, you don’t need a contractor grade drill or saw at home, for simple DIY projects. The Bosch CLPK222 fits in that bracket perfectly. It comes with a hammer drill and a high impact driver, which are two great tools that complement each other.

Features and Benefits

One of the standout features of this combo kit is the battery indicator. Although it may not be as savvy as wireless charging technology, it gets the job done when necessary. You also need to note it is not a standard feature in cordless tools. Bosch has included it in this combo kit, to add convenience to your life. With the LED battery indicator, you can easily know the power status of the battery. This will help you to avoid guesswork or surprises in the middle of a job.

Apart from the power system, the Bosch CLPK222 comes with a Brute Tough Hammer Drill Driver and a ¼” Hex Impact Driver. Both tools are fitted with LED work lights. In addition, there is a durable material contractor bag, to make the device portable. The impact driver included in this tool has a quick-change hex tool receptacle, which universally accepts other tools in the ¼” drive category.

bosch clpk222

With a speed of 2800 to 3200 RPM, it is able to deliver a maximum power of approximately 1500 lbs, thanks to the high-performance motors and all metal gears. It is ergonomically designed to provide balance, thanks to the friction-grip and contoured surfaces. In addition, it has a compact head design, making it easy to operate in tight spaces.

Once you start operating it, you will realize how reassuring the whole procedure is. Installing lag bolts into timber is virtually effortless. By the time the battery power is diminished, you will have handled and completed most projects. The speed and torque are sufficient for most DIY projects. This tool saves you the time and energy that you would have spent if you were to do the work manually.

Moving on, the hammer drill driver, the design is equally impressive. With more than 750 lbs in torque, it has plenty of power to handle most home maintenance projects easily. The hammer drill driver is also safe and ergonomically designed, thanks to the active response technology. This offers binding reduction and kickback control.

Gear shifting gives you a variable speed of approximately 420 RPM to 1,800 RPM. It has an impact rate of 27,750 BPM. Although the hammer drill driver is much heavier than the impact driver, balance and ergonomics are still pretty fine. The hammer drill also comes with a fully adjustable hammer feature control and torque clutch.

Final Word

The Bosch CLPK222 is a great tool offered at very competitive prices. Bosch is a brand leader when it comes to professional tools. In addition, when you consider its versatility and excellent performance, this is a great tool to invest in.