EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

Most battery manufacturers claim their batteries have a lifetime of 3 to 5 years. However, these batteries only tend to last for 1 or 2 years, and then you will have to replace them. This constant replacement of batteries definitely increases the cost of maintaining your vehicle. The good news is that there is a way you can prolong the life of your batteries as well as revive the old and dead ones.

This battery reconditioning method also works for smartphone and laptop batteries. Have you heard about the EZ battery reconditioning method? If not, this EZ battery reconditioning review will provide you with all the details you need to know. This complete guide takes you through the steps on how you can increase the life of car batteries, forklift batteries, golf car batteries, phone batteries and other rechargeable batteries.

What Does It Entail?

The EZ battery reconditioning method is a systematic guide, featuring 21 chapters and created by Tom Ericson. It is designed for those individuals who are tired of replacing their batteries every two years, and want a solution. It is for those who want a means of reconditioning their batteries so that they can be used again.

With the help of this guide, you can recondition or repair almost any type of a battery. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a phone battery or car battery. Once you learn the art of reconditioning your batteries, you will save yourself thousands of dollars and even turn it into an income opportunity, by selling them.

The steps provided by Tom in this guide don’t require a specific set of skills. Any individual can do it. It comes with clear and detailed pictures, which make the whole process easy and straightforward. Repairing and reconditioning batteries has never been this easy. It also provides information on where you can buy old batteries, how you can recondition them and then sell them at a profit.


In the guide, Tom has also provided information on how you can analyze batteries to check if they are suitable candidates for reconditioning. This will definitely help you to avoid buying batteries that cannot be reconditioned and wasting money. Tom is also offering a bonus to all buyers of his course. As part of the package, you get a guide known as “Making Money Restoring Batteries” free.

Tom Ericson is a good tutor. He holds your hand all through and teaches you the basics of all batteries. You also learn how different batteries operate, their lifespan and some hidden secrets when it comes to reconditioning batteries. Most of the information contained in this guide is top secret. In fact, it has never been revealed before, nor can you find it elsewhere. Therefore, this information is worth investing in and offers value for money.

Strong Points

Environmental Conservation 

According to recent studies, an average person in the U.S discards approximately eight batteries each year. This might be car batteries, laptop batteries or smartphone batteries. This figure might appear conservative when you consider the billions of batteries currently on the market.

In addition, eight batteries may not appear like a big deal. However, the number is significant, when you consider the population of the U.S. This translates to billions of batteries going to the landfills every year.

EZ battery reconditioning

You also need to remember that batteries contain harmful chemicals like cadmium, acids, and lead, which seep slowly into the ground, thus containing surface water and soil. These chemicals then find their way to the animals and plants we eat. Therefore, instead of dumping these batteries, reconditioning and recycling provide an environmental-friendly solution.

Saving Money 

This actually doesn’t require much explanation. Howe much do you spend on car batteries? The figure could be somewhere between $100 to $500, based on the model or brand of car you drive. As you can see, this is a substantial amount of money, which adds to your overall car maintenance costs. However, if you know how to recondition car batteries and other batteries at home, then you would be making significant savings every year. In addition, you can be making some money on the side by reconditioning other batteries and selling them.

Easy Course

You don’t have to be a certified mechanic or auto technician, to learn how to repair batteries. The EZ battery reconditioning method only requires 30 minutes to grasp the concept. If you are using this course for the first time, an hour or even less is enough. By the end of that time, you will be fully knowledgeable, when it comes to repairing and reconditioning batteries. In short, the whole process is not time-consuming. You can even go through it during your tea break.


This guide goes for less than $50. In fact, it is hard to come across a guide as valuable as this, going for that amount of amount. Furthermore, when you consider what you will learn by the end of the course, then you are definitely getting value for your money. You might require some materials to get started with the reconditioning. The good news is that some of them might already be available in your kitchen or garage already.

60-day Money-back Guarantee

Tom Ericson has full confidence in this course. That’s why he is backing it up with a 60-day refund policy. He wants to ensure you can learn how to recondition batteries, without worrying about the money spent purchasing the course. The course must be very useful since no complaints have been reported so far.

Weak Points

– You need to exercise safety precaution. Working with damaged or old batteries calls for precaution. Batteries contain acids, which are very corrosive when exposed to skin and garments. Therefore, ensure you handle these batteries with care.

– It does not provide video descriptions. This course is only available in eBook PDF format. Nowadays, most people prefer to learn through videos, since it’s easier and faster to grab the concept.

Final Word

Despite a few setbacks, this course lives to its expectations. Tom Ericson has used colorful illustrations and simple language throughout, making it easy to understand the concepts. This guide also helps in environmental conservation by recycling old batteries. In a nutshell, it is a great course for those interested in reducing their energy bills while saving the environment.