Ridgid Power Tools-Ridgid ZRR9652 Combo Kit Review

By | May 2, 2017

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Most combo kits tend to have the same combination of tools. However, what sets them apart is the design, as well as the make. In terms of durability, some tend to be more durable than others, while others tend to be cheaper. The Ridgid ZRR9652 is a factory reconditioned combo kit, which works as good as new. From the build quality to the features, this 5-piece kit is a cut above the rest. If you are looking for a cordless, factory reconditioned 5-piece combo kit, then you should consider this one. It comes with a circular saw, impact driver, hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and a work light.

Cordless Circular Saw

This cordless saw comes with some excellent features and it’s fun to use. The saw includes a new Hex Grip. These grips are designed in such a way that the primary handle features minor bumps, which form a hexagonal pattern. This gives you a secure feel when you are using the circular saw. This design also tends to reduce accumulation of dirt. The base and the upper blade guard are made of magnesium, which is both lightweight and durable. The cast base is very strong, which is a departure from the flimsy stamped tool steel, which is common in competitor brands. The saw works easily and cuts through old wood smoothly.

Impact Driver

For home improvement projects that involve fastening windows to frames and similar works, then you will need an impact driver. The Ridgid ZRR9652 impact driver comes in handy when it comes to such projects. It is powerful and compact. It also features the same Hex grip pattern found in the circulating saw. In addition, the grip trigger turns on the twin LED lights for ten seconds, which means you can use them as a flashlight. It also comes with a rear threaded brass insert, which allows you to changed the direction of the included belt clip.

Hammer Drill

Some home projects like installing a window require alternating of tasks. This means you will be using both the hammer drill and the impact driver. Although this one appears larger than the others, it is manageable and gets the job done. In addition, it is more powerful than competitor models. It has 24 clutch positions, giving you the flexibility of adjusting the tool according to work demands.

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw features two main vital features. These are the adjustable shoe and the orbital switch. This is among the few 18V cordless reciprocating saws on the market with an orbital switch. Although the orbital switch tends to use more battery power, it gets the job done fast. On the other hand, the level-adjustable shoe enables you to maintain positive contact while minimizing the blade’s plunge.

Work Light

Work lights are found in most combo kits. In the design of the ZRR9652, Ridgid used a LED light source, instead of using standard lamp technology, which has been heavily criticized. Secondly, the work light is both flexible and useful. It can be used as a flood lamp or spot lamp, thanks to its dual mode.certified refurbished by amazon

Final Word

When it comes to factory reconditioned combo kits, nothing compares with the Ridgid ZRR9652. All the tools in this kit are useful, convenient and highly durable. When you consider the price, this kit is approximately 20% cheaper than the competition and it performs even better.